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Vinamit Vietnam Jackfruit Chips


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Vinamit Vietnam Jackfruit Chips


Vinamit Vietnam Jackfruit Chips


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With the cautious selection of fresh fruits from organic standard farms in addition to the advanced technology, we are able to deliver a dried fruit product that retains the natural color and taste from the freshly picked fruits.
The dried fruit products are not only tasty but also provide more nutrition value, especially the dietary fiber needed for your body. The products do not contain any types of preservaties, which would be healthier for you and your family, and suitable for all age groups.
While enjoying the products, you are contributing to build a better environment, community and a better life with us.
**Ingredients: fresh jackfruit (98%) and vegetable oil.
**Preservation: Keep in cool, dry places and tightly closed.
**Instruction: Use directly.
**Expiry date: See on packaging.


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