Vietnam Durian Pia Cake


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Vietnam Durian Pia Cake


Origin : Vietnam

Bánh bía, sometimes spelled bánh pía, is a type of Vietnamese cuisine bánh (translates loosely as “cake” or “bread”). A Suzhou style mooncake adapted from Teochew cuisine. The Vietnamese name comes from the Teochew word for pastry, “pia”. In Saigon, the pastry is called “bánh bía” while in Sóc Trăng and Vũng Thơm it is known by “bánh Pía”. Some Vietnamese call it bánh lột da, which translates to “peeling flakes pastry”, and those from the Bến Tre region call it bánh bao chi, which is the name for Mochi elsewhere in Vietnam.[1] Popular fillings include durian, shredded pork fat, salted egg yolk, mung bean paste, taro and coconut.


In the 17th century, pia cakes were introduced to Soc Trang by the Chinese people who immigrated to the South of Vietnam. Over the years, the cakes have been made from the plentiful material resources to the taste of Vietnamese people and have become of specialty of Soc Trang Province, Vietnam. There many different flavors to taste: Mung Bean-Durian, Taro-Durian, Pandan-Durian, Black Sesame-Durian, Red Bean-Durian, Pineapple-Durian, Pumpkin-Mung Bean, and Mung Bean-Durian-Egg.



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