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Tipo Cream Egg Cookies


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Tipo Cream Egg Cookies

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Tipo Cream Egg Cookies


Origin: Vietnam

Flavour : Sweet, Salted egg

Product Description

Item Type: Egg Cake Energy: 470 kcal / 100g Ingredients: Eggs, flour, sugar, shortening, powdered milk, water, emulsifier, salt, porous substance Storage Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight Over 13 years confirming its name, the Tipo egg cake is crunchy, fragrant with eggs has become a familiar cake gift for Vietnamese people. Crispy grilled sponge, covered with a soft, creamy cream. Just one bite, you can feel the egg butter melted in your mouth, leaving a sweet aftertaste without harsh, delicious but not bored. The cake contains a balanced and calculated nutritional content by experts, ensuring energy supply for a healthy body full of energy for daily activities. Each cake is packed into separate packages, making it easy to carry and preserve the cake better.


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