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Nam Duong Vietnamese soy sauce


Nam Duong Vietnamese soy sauce

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Nam Duong Vietnamese soy sauce


Nam Duong condensed soy sauce has won the title “The best taste of Vietnamese soy sauce in 2019” by Canada’s Culture Magazin, a leading publication in North America on culture, tourism and cuisine.

The soy sauce is a product of the Nam Duong International Foodstuff Corporation. The poll was launched in April for Vietnam’s soy sauce brands manufactured in the country, excluding international brands or companies with 100 percent foreign-invested capital. Culture Magazin Editor-in-Chief Ann Nguyen said that the poll was made at the request of its readers, mostly Vietnamese expats in Canada.

Nam Duong soy sauce, whose former name was Tau vi yeu Con Meo Den in 1951, was popular among millions of Vietnamese families back in the 50s-60s. Along with Vietnam, the product has been sold in many other markets, including North America, Russia, Poland, Hungary and Chinese Taiwan.


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