Red Lubia Beans




Red Lubia


Weight  : 1 kg


  • 100% Natural Lal Lobia, a dish very High in Proteins.
  • Hygeinically packed using state of the art machinary.
  • Special packaging to preserve the Real Aroma and consistent quality beyond time and space.
  • No artificial flavours. No preservatives
  • Benefits : Red Lobia are packed with essential nutrients which offer a wallop of health benefits such as support weight loss, promotes digestive health, regulate diabetes and optimise cardiac wellness. They are also versatile, flavourful and tasty that can be easily added into a spectrum of dishes as part of a wholesome diet.
  • It is also known as southern pea, cow gram, Macassar bean, niebe, crowder pea and in the Indian subcontinent as chawli or lobia in Hindi, bobbarlu or alachandalu in Telugu, alasande in Kannada, karamani payir in Tamil, vanpayar in Malayalam and barbate in Bengali.
  • Recipes with Lobia : You can bake into crispy, herb-flecked falafel, add protein to a salad, make a sandwich by mix it in potato fill, and you can make delicious curry and lobia masala.
  • The high protein content of cowpeas is also very good for our skin. It accelerates the process of skin repair and helps in keeping it healthy. Cowpeas work as a great solution for hair loss.
  • Storage Instructions : Cowpeas should be stored in a cool, dark and dry environment. Keep them in an airtight container in your pantry, using them within a year for best results.